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Xylitol and Diabetes


Xylitol and diabetes are topics that go hand in hand. Xylitol is an all natural sugarless sweetener that is completely safe for diabetics. Xylitol is a 7 on the glycemic index while sugar is 100. Xylitol is great for diabetics because it metabolizes independently of insulin so there are no spikes at all. Furthermore, Xylitol is completely natural and is the exact same sweetness as sugar. This means Xylitol is a “1 to 1” replacement for sugar in baking, table use, coffee, tea and more.

Diabetic numbers, both type I and type II are on the rise. However to avoid sugar, diabetics have been forced to use artificial sweeteners like sweet n low, aspartame, sucralose and others as a tool to avoid sugar. However the long term side effects for diabetics from these artificial sweeteners is a legitimate concern.

Diabetics should turn to Xylitol, millions of diabetics have, it’s a safe, healthy, natural alternative to sugar. While we sell the bulk Xylitol to customers on a daily basis, we also manufacture a full line of 100% Xylitol sweetened products that taste great, and are safe for diabetics of all ages. If you suffer from diabetes, please try our Xylitol products today.


Xylitol and Diabetes