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Many people chew sugarless gum with artificial sweeteners that can actually trigger cravings for more sugar. If you're trying to cut calories, the last thing you want to do is deal with sugar cravings. Many of the sugarless gums on the market today also have an odd or chemical aftertaste, as well.

Xylitol has 40 percent fewer calories than sugar, and because it is not made from chemicals, it won't leave you with a bitter taste after you ingest it. Further, this organic substance doesn't force your body to break down refined sugars in order to reap the benefits of a sweet and delicious taste.

Xylitol is found in many fruits, such as plums and strawberries. It is a sugar alcohol that has many advantages to diet-conscious users: it's known to not only lower calorie intake and freshen breath, but also to help fight cavities. Xylitol benefits chewers of all ages - even children.


Xylitol Vs Splenda...

When you buy Splenda, you're actually buying an artificial sweetener called sucralose. Many people consume Splenda to cut calories and sugar from their diets. Recently, however, people have discovered Xylitol, a sugar substitute which has significantly greater health benefits.

When you compare Xylitol vs Splenda, take a look at the amount of research that went into the development of each product. Splenda was barely tested on humans before it hit the shelves. Xylitol has been tested over the last 25 years, and it has been approved by the FDA and by the World Health Organization.

Splenda vs Xylitol: A Better Sugar Substitute

Comparing Xylitol vs Splenda is like comparing real apples to plastic apples. One of the main reasons to select sugar substitutes vs artificial sweeteners is the digestion process. Artificial sweeteners trick your brain into thinking it's getting a surge of insulin. This surge creates a craving for more sugar and carbohydrates. One study found people who used artificial sweeteners ate up to three times the amount of calories as people who didn't.

People who consume Splenda on a regular basis have reported side effects such as irritable bowel syndrome, numbness and stomach cramps. At Zapp! we set out to develop a sugarless gum using diet-friendly Xylitol instead of Splenda. Zapp! gum is superior because it contains a higher concentration of Xylitol than the xylitol gum you find in stores.