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Sugarless Gum

Zapp! Contains ZERO Sugar, is Safe for Diabetics and Contains More Xylitol Than ANY Other Leading Gum..


The leading candy companies manufacture most of the sugarless gum you find in the stores today. This may not concern you if you're only consuming a few pieces, but if you're chewing sugarless gum on a regular basis to whiten teeth, freshen breath or improve oral health, you need to know what the candy makers are putting in the gum you're chewing.

The sugarless gum you find in the stores is made with affordable sugar substitutes such as NutraSweet and Splenda. These sweeteners have been the subject of much debate in the medical community. Some people feel they're safe, while others feel the side effects and reports of toxic reaction make them less than desirable.



Healthy Teeth Too!

At Zapp! we wanted to create a sugarless chewing gum that was also good for our customers. We used a natural sugar called Xylitol that is easier to digest and better for your teeth. You may find gum on the shelves that claim to contain Xylitol, but we're one of the only manufacturers to offer 100 percent Xylitol sweetened gum.

Known for its strong cavity fighting ability, xylitol makes the perfect sweet ingredient for ZAPP! Gum. ZAPP! will not only freshen breath but help to starve bacteria living in the mouth of their primary food source, glucose.

The more you chew throughout the day, the better your chances of fighting expensive and painful cavities.

Safe for Diabetics

With a low glycemic index, xylitol (and ZAPP! Gum), makes the perfect sweet treat for those living with diabetes. Xylitol is absorbed into the blood stream slowly meaning no sudden spikes in blood sugar. Add to that the fact xylitol is natural (unlike most other sugar substitutes) and there is no reason to feel guilty enjoying ZAPP! whenever and wherever life takes you.

Xylitol and ZAPP! Gum are perfect for all ages.


How Much Xylitol Do I Need?

Studies show that chewing 6 or more pieces of xylitol gum can dramatically reduce your chances of developing dental cavities by eliminating harmful bacteria in the mouth known as mutans streptococci.

With over 1 gram per piece, ZAPP! is an easy way to achieve your recommended 6 grams per day and improve your oral health.