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Natural Sugar


Natural sugar can actually take a number of forms. Traditional cane sugar is typically refined and makes it’s way into packaging as granules for baking, coffee, tea, and other recipes. While sugar is naturally derived, it is not good for you and should be avoided by the growing diabetic population.

There are actually natural sugars that are healthy for you – the main one being Xylitol. Xylitol is actually an all natural sugarless sweetener that is the exact same sweetness as sugar, the same exact consistency, but it’s actually good for you. Xylitol is used as table sugar in Finland and studies show that the population has far less incidence of dental cavities – which is just one of the many reasons to use the natural sugar Xylitol.

Technically Xylitol can be derived from Hardwood trees like the birch, or from corn cobs. All of our Xylitol is from hardwood trees and is often called natural sugar, or natural birch sugar. Try our bulk Xylitol, or any of our naturally sweetened Xylitol products today and you won’t be disappointed.


Natural Sugar