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Xylitol Sweetener

Bulk Xylitol is a perfect replacement for traditional sugar. Xylitol Sugar has 40% fewer carbohydrates than traditional sugar. It is ideal for diabetics since it metabolizes independently of insulin and maintains a score of 7 on the Glycemic index.

Bulk Xylitol is also the exact same sweetness as sugar so it’s a 1 to 1 replacement in your coffee, tea, baking recipes and any other application that requires you to use sugar.

Xylitol is natural, proven to help prevent cavities, and the healthiest alternative to sugar on the market. Stay clear of artificial sweeteners that use chemicals and ingredients you cannot pronounce. Stick with mother nature and let Xylitol replace sugar in your life.

We are unlike most companies in that all of our products are 100% USA made with 100% USA ingredients. This all starts with the purest, freshest bulk Xylitol that is derived from USA Birch Trees. We pride ourselves on shipping the purest, highest quality available to you – the same Xylitol we use to manufacture all of our other USA Xylitol products.

We have many Bulk Xylitol offerings to suit your needs from a consumer all the way to a commercial bakery.

Make the switch and enjoy our premium Xylitol today.